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BBAC is a non-profit, non-political and non-discriminatory organization, which was established in 2007, with a focus on sharing and celebrating its success and introduce the vibrant culture of Bangladeshi Buddhists to this multicultural society. Since its inception in 2007, BBAC has been continuing its efforts to keep our indigenous culture and commence it to our next generation growing in Canada and as a whole, North America.



The roots of today’s Bangladesh Buddhist Association of Canada reach back to the early nineties, when members of Buddhist community along with other communities from Bangladesh started to immigrate to North America, especially Canada. Since then, realizing the importance of involving in different socio-cultural events with others; ensuring and maintaining religious activities several efforts have been taken. Years later, in 2007, the organization was formed and named as the Bangladesh Buddhist Association of Canada, Toronto, Ontario, which remained strongly focused on the specific issue of community build-up through socio-cultural and religious activities. Eventually, in 2008, an independent corporate structure was established by receiving approval from the federal and provincial regulatory authorities, which allowed us to work with greater force and responsibilities. Today, BBAC is one of the comprehensive community organizations in North America, which in the mean time, has participated in helping the distressed and cyclone victims of Myanmar.


Our Mission

BBAC desires to uplift and encourage members to create a diversified environment by demonstrating excellent leadership with caring steps within and across our communities. To fulfill this, BBAC has set its moral value to:


Current BBAC Executive Committee Members

Asokankur Barua President

Asokankur Barua

Apollo Barua Vice President

Apollo Barua

Asit Barua General Secretary

Asit Barua
General Secretary

Litan Barua Treasurer

Litan Barua

KusumBarua Treasurer

Kusum Barua

LablooBarua Member

Nikhil Barua

Kanan Barua President

Kanan Barua

Jibak Barua

Jibak Barua

Member Avijit Barua

Avijit Barua