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Apr 19, 2014

Celebration of Pahela baishak(Bangla Nababrasho) on Saturday 19th April,2014 at 7570, Kipling Avenue, Woodbridge,ON .

To oraganise the event  a subcommittee formed consist of members as follows:
(a)    Nikhil Ranjan Barua
(b)   Avijit Barua
(c)    Jibak Barua
(d)   Suchana Barua


May 25, 201

Celebration of Buddha Purnima at Mahadhammika Temple(Burmese temple ) on Sunday, May’25,2014.

Responsible team members are:
(a)    Kanan Barua
(b)   Asit Barua
(c)    Uday Barua
(d)   Avijit Barua


May 31, 2014

Celebration of Vesak Buddha’s Birthday on May’31, 2014 at Mississauga Celebration Square.

Responsible team members are:
(a)    Litan Barua
(b)   Avijit Barua
(c)    Suchana Barua
(d)   Rajesh Chowdhury
(e)   Monalisa Chowdhury


Oct 15, 2012

BBAC, together with CBBC (Canada Bangladesh Buddhist Association, Montreal) and Bangladesh Hindu Buddhist Christian Unity Council is planning to arrange a peace procession in front of Bangladesh High commission, Ottawa on 15th October, Monday at 11 am to 3 pm

BBAC, together with CBBC (Canada Bangladesh Buddhist Association


Oct 28, 2012

This is to inform you that BBAC EC has decided to called upon a GM on Dec.1st. Saturday 2012. The venue and the agenda are as follows:

Venue: 49 Kiwi Crescent
              Richmond Hill
Time: 7.00 PM ( SHARP)

  1. Membership Renewal
  2. Fund raising for victims of Ramu attack
  3. Updates about activities of current committee
  4. Discussion about 2013 program
  5. Miscellaneous
  6. Your attendance is earnestly soughted and please be on time.


Oct 11, 2012

Poster for peaceful Buddhist protest

Poster for peaceful Buddhist protest taking place this Saturday from 2pm to 4pm at the Speaker's Corner located at Nathan Philip Square of the Toronto City Hall on Oct 13, 2012.


Aug 10, 2012

Fund raising for Srilankan & Burmese Temple

The Srilankan temple will have it on Saturday 3pm. Ven. Swarnapala has advised me to inform you all, you don't need to bring anything if you don't want to. Please just come and attend. Moushumi will take 100 dalpuri. We are not familiar with Srilankan devotees taste habit, hence we are not taking a lot of things. But just attending, buying food will help the temple. Although if anybody would like to bring anything (pita, samosa) could help.

The Burmese temple will have it on Sunday 10 am. Bhante asked to arrange for Alu-Puri combination like last few times. I will get oil, gas, cooking items etc, moushumi will get some dough & alur dom. Kindly call Moushumi to know how can you help, your participation will be greatly appreciated, those helping to prepare food, please come by 9:30 am.


July 24, 2012

Time is fast approaching for our annual BBAC picnic. As you are all aware, our previous Aug. 12 date has been rescheduled to Sunday, Aug. 19 and the picnic spot will be Goderich beach. It is our humble request that you all arrive on time. We will be meeting 7:30 am sharp at Winston Churchill Blvd.& Hwy 401 south, at the Shell gas station. Day long activities for adults and children have already been planned and prizes will be given out for the activities. There will be arrangement for breakfast, lunch and evening snacks and cost of the meals will be divided among participants.

Also, like every year there will be Raffle Draw for BBAC fund raising and attractive prizes will be given out to the winners. Some of the sponsors have already came forward but we are still looking for 5 to 6 more sponsors to come forward.

    Here is the list of fun activities and sponsors:-
  1. Raffle Draw (we already have got 3 sponsors (Mr. Asit & Jamuna Barua, Mr. Kanan & Moushumi Barua, Mr. Apollo & Ruma Barua), we Need 2 more sponsors)
  2. Toddler's (1 to 3 yrs) Jemon Khushi Temon Sajo (Sponsor Mr. Kanan & Moushumi Barua).
  3. Children (4 - 11 yrs) game (Sponsor needed)
  4. Teenager's Game (Sponsor Mr. Apollo & Ruma Barua)
  5. Female Game (Mr. Amlan & Munni Saha)
  6. Male Game (Sponsor needed)


May 2, 2012

On 21st April'2012, EGM for BBAC held on 35 ,Tasha Court,Woodbridge,ON in presence of almost all the members.The meeting was presided over by Ranat chowdhury, President ,care taker committee.After that, one minute silence observed, paying homage & respect to the departed souls of parents of community fellows at backhome as well as untimely departure of Rupayan Mutsudy.Annual report(2010-2011) for care taker committee compiled & read out by Asokankur Barua with exchange of opinion from the members. Financial report delivered by Ranat Chowdhury, inviting comments from respected members for future action.Finally, the present care taker committee dissolved & with huge cheering & applaud from the members, a committee is formed to continue the future activities of BBAC in a broader dimension.

    Office Bearer:
  1. President: Kanan Barua
  2. Vice-President: Apollo Barua
  3. General Secretary: Asit Barua
  4. Treasurer: Kusum Barua

  1. Nikhil Barua
  2. Ashith Barua
  3. Jeebak Barua
  4. Anti Barua
  5. Rajesh Chowdhury


June 5, 2012

BBAC Buddha Purnima celebration and Souvenir "Sombodhi" Bangladesh Buddhist Association of Canada is celebrating Buddha Purnima and Sanghadana for Most Highest Holiness Venerable Sadhanananda Mahathera (Bana Bhante) on Sunday, June 10, 2012 and has organized a program at Mahadhammika Buddhist Temple (Burmese Temple ), which includes Buddha Puja, Sanghadana, Discussion on Buddhism and Devotional songs, followed by Lunch.

As part of this program, we would like to invite you cordially to actively participate at our program on Sunday, June 10, 2012 at 9:30 AM sharp. Mahadhammika Buddhist Temple (Burmese Temple) is located at 12 High Meadow Place (signet Drive/ Finch Ave. W) in Toronto, Ontario M9L 2Z5. A program schedule is attached herewith for your convenience.

We look forward to see you there.

Thank you,
Apollo Barua
Nikhil Barua
Jibak Barua
Rajesh Chowdhury

Buddha Purnima Udjapon Committee, 2556/2012

Bangladesh Buddhist Association of Canada


April 2, 2012

Dear respected members:

We are pleased to announce that we are going to observe Bengali new years day(Pahela baishakh '1418). Special thanks to those members who are cordinating with their enthusiastic support & offering venue to make the event colourful & joyful one.

A committee of members are formed to organize the event & followings are in details of the occassion. Committee members:

  1. Nikhil Barua
  2. Banaful Barua
  3. Srabani Barua
  4. Maushumi Barua
  5. Anti Barua

Venue: 49, Kiwi crescent place
Date: Saturday,April 14,2012
Time: 7:00P.M.

All members are cordially requested to attend the function in due time.


March 1, 2012

Dear all members:

It's time again to congregate. Hence, there will be EGM with an agenda along with venue, date & time as follows:

  1. Annual report of care taker committee.
  2. Financial report.
  3. Election to form a new committee.

Venue: 35 Tasha Court,Woodbridge,ON
Date: Saturday,April'21,2012
Time: 7:00P.M.

All members are cordially requested to attend without fail & to make meeting worthwhile.

Best Regards
BBAC Care taker committee


November 14, 2011

Dear All:

We feel great pleasure & proud to honour our venerable Sarnapala Bhikku for his achievement to obtain doctoral degree(Ph.D) in Dhamma & Binayaka from University of Toronto. Keeping values in our mind and as member of Buddhist community we wish to project our respect & honour to him and as such will organise an event as follows:

Venue: Burmese Buddhist Temple
Date: Sunday, December 25, 2011
Time: 4:00P.M.
All community fellows,members are humbly requested to participate & lend their generous hand to make the event joyous & successful one.

With best regards
Care taker committe


October 3, 2011

Dear all members:

It's time to meet again to keep up our activities. Hence to inform all of you that we are going to have an EGM with the following agenda

  1. Discussion for forthcoming election
  2. Membership dues
  3. To participate fund raising food festival in Burmese temple on November 06th, 2011 at 10:00A.M.

All the members and their families are hereby requested to be present on time at the following location

Venue: 30 Melia Road, Maple,ON
Date: Oct 22, 2011
Time: 7:00 P.M